Jasmine started her musical journey as a child prodigy at the age of 5 when she first started playing traditional Chinese instruments as the Pipa and Guzhen, leading her to be part of the Guangzhou Opera for 12 years as the leading Pipa soloist and leading player.

In her early twenties, she discovered electronic music and soon after that she started DJing. She was supporting Sasha, and Paul Oakenfold in their 2004 China Tour.
Since then she has shared stages with Armin Van Bureen, Deadmau5, Markus Schulz, Deep Dish, Dubfire, Sander Van Doorn and Infected Mushroom just to name a few. Due to her natural talent for music, skills, techniques and her signature style, Jasmine is widely regarded as one of Asia’s leading djs and one of the main responsible for the growth of electronic music in China. She has also been featured in magazines such as Esquire Magazine and GQ in their Asian editions.

In summer 2013, along with Patrick Podage and Deelorean, Jasmine Li released her first EP – Everybody Wants Me – on Lola Records featuring three original tracks: Sonny’s Dead, Everybody Wants Me and Let’s Get It. With remixes by Christian Lattner, Einmusik, Mario Aureo and The Tarumba Brothers.

Residency & Dates Tour

2013 – 2014 Shareholder of Shiva lounge | 2014 – 2016 owner of Downtown club | 2016 – Present owner of Celia

Shanghai 2013-2017 clubs & events
2006-2008 resident dj in Park 97 Shanghai
2008-2011 resident dj in M2 , Muse, Bar rough Shanghai
2013-2016 resident dj at Shanghai The peninsula hotel- Sir Elly’s Bar

Kee club(2009)
Logo club (2016),
Mook club (2015)
Shiva Lounge(2012-2014)
Midi festival ( 2013-2015),
Dada club( Shanghai & Beijing 2014) ,
Shanalaya festival( 2013-2015),
The Mansion (2013-2016),
Mixroom (2014 Nile Rodgers)
Amber lounge ( 2012-2015)
Myst ( 2014)
Yani lounge ( 2014)
Owner of Downtown club ( 2014 September -2016 January)
Lune ( 2016 Jan 8th Yang Bing & Jasmine Li)
Lola club (2015 December 16th & 2016 February 3rd )
Kulou ( 2016 April 15th)
Ho Bar ( 2016 May 27th )
Real to Real ( 2016 August 10th )
Eu Club ( 2016 September 16th )

China Tour
Guangzhou Hangover (2016 January 29th )
Yin Yang festival(2013-2015) TianJing,
Great Wall festival(2013-2015) Beijing,
Chengdo- Here we go (2015 Dec 11th) (2016 March 12th)
Beijing – Lantern (2015 Dec 12th)
Shenzhou – One Love festival (2015)
1602 studio (2016 March 11th)
Ningbo ( 2016 April 1st )
Maya Zan festival Hangzhou ( 2016 May 14th )
Bang Club Shenzhen ( 2016 May 20th )
Chengdo Dusk till Dawn(Rooftop party 2016)
Sector club Shenzhen ( 2017 January 7th)

Europe tour
2013 Feb 2nd Switzerland Bern – Play it Loud
2016 October 12th-23rd Amsterdam Dance event – China Pavilion , Metamorphosa, Groningen, Belgium,
Spain-Barcelona Cityhall ( October 31st )
2016 September 1st New Caledonia

2013-2016 with Artistes : Nakadia, Dixon, Pezzner, Eddie Richards, Kamara, Lexlay, Mark Knight, Asahara, Bruno Schiavi, Matthias Meyer, Chris Lattner, Patrick Podage.